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Various international medical institutions, research facilities,
and healthcare facilities will join the CARE ecosystem to serve these advanced technologies.
5 STARS MEDICAL CLUB, which operates two medical facilities (CLINIC 9ru and THE PREVENTION CLINIC TOKYO)
at THE PENINSULA TOKYO in Tokyo, Japan, joined the CARE ecosystem from the start of project.
5 STARS MEDICAL CLUB is an INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CLUB for VIPs established in April 2021 on the 4th floor of THE PENINSULA TOKYO, the most popular luxury hotel in Japan for tourism and business, as it is adjacent to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and close to Ginza area which is popular among visitors.

They provide advanced preventive medical services and medical checkup services with advanced diagnostic imaging to VIPs across the world.

The clinic is prepared with medical staffs for 7 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, English, and Korean), and are fully equipped to issue medical visas and pay with cryptoassets.

In December 2022, the clinic opens a satellite in Umeda, Osaka, as well as implement AI Image Diagnosis, the world's first diagnostic robot that performs accurate diagnosis based on artificial intelligence AI and a vast medical database and share data with VIP hospitals around the world in order to widely
acquire members.

By 2026, the clinic plans to establish a next-generation cancer treatment center, complete with advanced BNCT therapies and other treatment services to prepare members from the risk of cancer.
 Equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging equipment such as MRI, CT, upper and lower endoscopy, mammography, USS, etc. Provide VIP medical checkups for up to 6 people per day Surveillance to the area of undiagnosed diseases by advanced medical checkup that comprehensively evaluates liquid biopsy such as mRNA and diagnostic imaging Diffusion-weighted imaging with advanced MRI synchronized with CT to avoid missing cancer Silicon Valley I Peace's iPS cell banking service enables organ transplants using autologous cells in the event of future risk Introducing the diagnostic AI Image Diagnosis to not only pursue diagnostic accuracy at clinics, but also expand the potential of medical tourism by sharing data with international clinics
Advanced cosmetic dermatology & cosmetic internal medicine
  • Radical anti-aging skincare therapy that combines the best laser skincare equipment and regenerative medicine
  • Anti-aging approaches to systemic aging-related deterioration by regenerative medicine, removal of aging factors inside dual-filtration plasma, the world's first NMN inhalation therapy, exosome induction therapy, etc.
  • Charismatic medical art make-up artist and world-class charismatic therapist also participate and provide treatments
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